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Hole & Hole Singles Results

1st round2nd roundQuarter FinalsSemi FinalsFinalWinner
To be played byTo be played byTo be played byTo be played byTo be played by
28th May2nd July30th July27th August26th September
Frank GillonePeter HillPeter HillPeter HillIain CrichtonIain Crichton
Peter Hill
Richard PetherickDouglas Pilkington
Douglas Pilkington
Alasdair SlessorAlasdair SlessorStewart Cobb
Jim Hanson
Stewart BarnesStewart Cobb
Stewart Cobb
Ian ThomsonChris WilsonIain CrichtonIain Crichton
Chris Wilson
Iain CrichtonIain Crichton
Fraser Smith
Innes ChristieInnes ChristiePeter Williams
Graeme Hunt
John ArchibaldPeter Williams
Peter Williams
John RichardsonJohn RichardsonJohn RichardsonJohn RichardsonGrahame Clarke
Archie Ballantyne
Jonny StirlingJonny Stirling
Stewart Pilkington
Neil ForrestCraig SmithCraig Smith
Craig Smith
ByeEuan McIntyre
ByeDave CampbellKenny MilneGrahame Clarke
ByeKenny Milne
ByeKen MurphyGrahame Clarke
ByeGrahame Clarke