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Hole & Hole Foursomes Results

1st Round to be played by 26 May2nd Round to be played by 30 JuneQuarter Finals to be played by 28 JulySemi Finals to be played by 1 SeptemberFinal to be played by 22 SeptemberWinner
S Muir & P HillS Muir & P Hill
C Dempster & I Paterson
P Rubi & J Boni
P Fantom & W Brown
S Cobb & A Slessor
R Dunn & T Pithie
A Cobb & D StewartA Cobb & D Stewart
J Cameron & S Waitt
B Chatham & M DodgsonK Milne & G McDonald
K Milne & G MacDonald
I Thomson & K WaittJ Stirling & R Simpson
J Stirling & R Simpson
G McLeod & D GoodwinG MxcLeos & D Goodwin
I Smith & R Bradford
N Forrest & S TurnbullS Dickson & M Clark
S Dickson & M Clark
N Marshall & S Dougherty
E McIntyre & R McIntyre
G Boon & A MacDonaldG Simpson & M McKechnie
G Simpson & M McKechnie
G Hunt & D Imrie
J Archibald & K Yuille
D Campbell & C Paterson
J Richardson & S Barnes
C Jones Snr & C Jones Jnr
D Pilkington & S Pilkington