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Hole & Hole Foursomes Results

1st Round to be played by 16 August2nd Round to be played by 6 SeptemberQuarter Finals to be played by 27 nSeptemberSemi Finals to be played by 18 OctoberFinal to be played by 8 NovemberWinner
G Simpson & M McKechnieM Clark & S DicksonM Clark & S Dickson
M Clark & S Dickson
D Pilkington & S PilkingtonD Pilkington & S Pilkington
E McIntyre & R McIntyre
A Cobb & D StewartG McDonald & K MilneG McDonald & K Milne
G McDonald & K Milne
J Stirling & R SimpsonJ Stirling & R Simpson
P Rubie & J Boni
G Boon & A MacDonaldS Barnes & J RichardsonR Dunn & T Pithie
S Barnes & J RichardsonS Barnes & J Richardson
P Hill & S Muir
A Williams & S LanglandsA Williams & S LanglandsR Dunn & T Pithie
D Campbell & C Paterson
R Dunn & T PithieR Dunn & T Pithie
I Thomson & K Waitt
G Hunt & D ImrieG Hunt & D ImrieG McLeod & D GoodwinA Pilkington & S Sinclair
C Dempster & I Paterson
A Slessor & S CobbG McLeod & D Goodwin
G McLeod & D Goodwin
J Archibald & K YuilleJ Archibald & K YuilleA Pilkington & S Sinclair
J Cameron & S Waitt
A Pilkington & S SinclairA Pilkington & S Sinclair
P Williams & C Smith